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"If it works,dont mess with it!" has been a mantra for 17 years now.Moving all the parts in to a smaller cabinet have been a project of mine for a month now.Better late than never,I say.Always,always remeber to clean the parts even so often.There must be some metal debri in the pci slot,since setting the wlan card in slot 2 fixed the problem.Or do u think maybe the bios was determind to use the same slot as before? I took my selfmade box apart and diagnosed it starting with a reset of the bios.It started with only ram,no harddrive.I plugged in evrything and realized that when plugging in my pci wlancard it halted!Eureka! Problem solved when using slot 2.I realy would like some feedback on the issue about dirt(metal) in my pci slot1.Or if maybe the bios only liked the old setup with slot 2 best! I am a nerd/geek and 51 years young.Have been doing this for 17 years now,and have only broken one mb and one hdd.My first one was an Olivetti 486/50 from 93 or 94.Or maybe an AST/66 I diont remember.Only that Windows Entertainment Pack had some realy good games!I still play Klotski/sunshine on late nights!And some cool music on the internet radio.
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  1. I like your philosophy!

    Relax, chill, and you will solve this issue before you even realize it!
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