Very first build!! quick question

So im building my first computer here are the specs:

CPU- intel i5 750
Mothboard- gigabyte ud3
ram- g.skill 4 gb 1600mhz
graphics radeon 5770 xfx
psu- corsair 650 watts
hard drive 320 gb at 7200 rpm
windows 7 64 bit.

My question is i am getting all these items brand new. Do i need to buy any additionall cables in order to get his up and running? like a SATA 2.0 cable? or anything? I just want to make sure when i get these items in this week i have everything needed to put this together. Also you can let me know if i am missing anyhting. thanlks!
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    Everything looks good except I would change that hard drive to a Samsung Spinpoint F3 500gb. It will be much faster than any 320gb model and at $54 at newegg is a great price.
    All the cables you need will come with the motherboard.
  2. unless you are using more than one sata dvd player, and none of them came with a sata, because the mobo only provides 2 (which is one more than mine did, so I guess only is a relative term.)
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