32GB SSD for SRT Caching, Games or Netbook. There can be only one!

I'm in a bit of an interesting situation since my last purchase on Newegg. Let me start by saying I'm the proud owner of a self-made fully functioning hassle-free hackintosh that doubles as a snazzy gaming rig (specs in profile). I picked up a 32GB Crucial mSata SSD a few days ago with the intention of using it for SRT caching in Windows 7. Benchmarks were very enticing and the drive was only about $50 out the door... I can afford that! Neat idea right? Ordered it right away. *Brainloading.jpg* Oh wait, OS X requires AHCI mode to be set in the BIOS. "I wonder if it will boot with the XHD option on... maybe it will just ignore it" I thought. Nope, it certainly does not work with the XHD option on which from my understanding is required for SRT to function. Someone please prove me wrong here. This means in order to keep OS X and all the nice flexibility that entails I will have to forget about using the SSD as a caching solution. "Oh well, Newegg will take it ba-...no refund policy."Looks like I'm stuck with it but hey,
there are worse things to be stuck with than an SSD.
SO, my question for you fine folks is this:
Do I...

A. Spend another $12 on a sata adapter sled and drop it in my trusty Asus 1001p netbook?
I don't store ANYTHING on it anyways and battery life/daily task performance would be awesome.

B. Drop it in the tower anyways via mSata and keep it as a games-only partition?

C. To hell with a hackintosh, follow through on SRT Caching.
Go spend $3,000 at the Apple store for an equivalent tower to keep running OS X!

Just kidding on that last one.
I would build a whole new machine before I ever did that
...or cut my arm off... just sayin'. : )

All opinions or suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance!
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  1. You could use it in your netbook as an os drive and use your hdd for external storage. I know in the netbook I bought for my son, it's a gateway lt4010u, there was an opening for (I think) a wireless card (like a cell phone type deal). Or, if I'm thinking right, you could use the msata as the boot drive, and the hdd as an internal storage. I'm not sure about that second part, but I do have a question on the forum page that has yet to get an answer.

    As for the battery life, I've heard the increase is hardly noticeble. With the performance, the cpu and the chipset would be the bottle neck. If you find anything out, I'd be interested in knowing what you found out.
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