3 monitors, Monster DisplayPort to DVI-D Adapter and eyefinity 2gb?

Hey folks.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm impatient. I just bought a Monster DisplayPort to DVI-D Adapter (referred to as the Digital Life™ DisplayPort to DVI-D Adapter on their website). I'm stuck at work and I'm too impatient to wait and try this until I get home! My basic question (to save you from too much reading), is this adapter active? Will this Monster DP to DVI-D adapter allow me to use 3 monitors with my Gigabyte Radeon 5870 2gb eyefinity?

Here's a link to the adapter:

I looked at all the details, there's no mention of a chip or the converter being 'active' or 'passive'.

The rep at the local Fry's Electronics told me that he's been selling these to a bunch of people who've been buying Radeon cards without incident.

I bought the Monster adapter for $50. They had one of those higher priced ($110) adapters with a USB hookup for extra power. It looks very much like the Dell version:


I just want to know if anyone's tried using this Monster adapter, especially with a 2gb 5870 Eyefinity card with success?

I guess I'll find out regardless in several hours if this works. If nobody responds, I'll post my findings.
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  1. I believe the monster adapter is NOT an active adapter.

    An active DP adapter has the USB connector because it needs power to run.

    You need the second adapter you specified.

    To run an eyefinity group, one of the three displays must be run using an active DP.

    For res <1920x1080, I think you can get away with a passive adapter, BUT in my experience, it didnt work.

    Use this together with the mini DP>DP dongle that came with your card.

    Good luck.
  2. Hunuok, you're absolutely right. I had a bad feeling walking out of the store that the monster adapter wouldn't work. But, I took the salesman's word for it like a chump! I exchanged it for the active adapter and that worked like a charm, sort of....

    I can get the three monitors extended now through ati's catalyst program, but I've had problems with all the game I've tried so far, mainly Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Left 4 Dead 2. MW2 stretches across the screen but looks HORRIBLY squashed vertically. I've found a fix called widescreenfixer, but when I run it, then run the game, it doesn't seem to do anything at all (yes, I remembered to hit the hotkey to toggle the program on or off).

    With L4D2, the game renders, but you get cloned images on all the screens. When I go to the video settings, I see the max resolution set at 1680x1050 I believe it is. So I can't get the game's image to stretch across all 3 monitors.

    If you know of any solutions to fix these issues, let me know! I didn't spend too much time trying to fix the problems since I had to leave the house, but I definitely will today.

    Thanks for the reply, hunuok!
  3. These are all limitations of the games - the developers just didnt think these resolutions would be here. Thats why you have to use things like widescreen fixer. Newer releases now understand these crazy resolutions..

    As I recall you launch COD, hit the hotkey and then go to options and pick the resolution - maybe I have it backwards... It took me a while to get it too work as well. But once you do....

    You mentioned you extended the monitors - did you create an eyefinity group?
  4. Hey vvhocare5,

    Yeah, I created an eyefinity group. I tried following several tutorials scattered all over the web, but nothing really seems to help.

    I'm currently at my cousin's house. When I get home, I'll try messing with it some more. I may try re-installing the drivers since I just recently hooked up 3 monitors. I'll also try deleting the eyefinity group and re-creating it (before messing with the drivers, actually). Then, I'll go from there.

    I understand that most of these problems are limitations of the games since they, obviously, aren't really designed to be run over multiple monitors. But, there are games (like all the Source/Valve games) that seem to support multiple monitors out of the box.

    The thing is, I tried setting up Left 4 Dead 2 with 2 monitors the other day and that worked just fine, but when I set up the eyefinity group, that's when the weird stuff started happening.

    I doubt this helps, but I'll put up a brief summary of my system specs:

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
    Intel Quad core Q9550 CPU (don't remember the clock speed)
    8gb DDR2 RAM (I'm pretty sure it's DDR2 RAM, but don't quote me on that. For sure I have 8gb of RAM though)
    Sound Blaster Fatal1ty sound card
    Gigabyte Radeon 5870 2gb eyefinity

    2x Dell 20.1" monitors (2007wfp...gotta have my S-IPS monitors! One more on the way, too)
    1x NEC 19" Opticlear monitor (don't remember the model number)

    I was wondering if the conflict in screen resolutions may be causing a problem too. That 19" was my old secondary monitor, but I just got another 2007wfp in the mail with one more coming next week. Then, I'll have all 3 monitors with the same resolution.

    At this point, I don't think that would really cause an issue...but it's worth mentioning.

    Anyway, if you guys have any more thoughts, please share! Otherwise, I'll post my findings later on this evening or tonight. Thanks for the input so far!
  5. Glad to help.

    If it's any consolation I had to order my parts from the US to Seoul. The shipping cost more than the parts.

    In COD MW2, I tried the widescreenfixer with no results. I sold my 24"s and bought 30"s thinking it would help the "squashed" effect vertically (ie an extra 520 lines). It was better, but not much lol.

    LFD2 I haven't tried. It's weird that it only works in clone mode. Sometimes you can get the correct res by exiting and then running the title, or manually change the config files for FOV and res. These are generally located in "saved game" folder under graphics/config.

    Personally, I run FPS games in single screen mode. It made me motion sick looking at the screen.

    Racing/flight sims/strategy games work like a charm.

    As vvhocare5 mentioned, pre eyefinity games don't look or run well.

    Try widescreengamingforum.com for fixes/config hacks.

    You may have to turn down/off AA/AF/Post processing to get good frames in eyefinity.

    Happy gaming.
  6. Yeah, MW2 is still being a pain in my bum cheeks.

    I totally forgot (and I don't know why) that valve games give you awesome customizeability. I don't think customizeability is a word, but I'm going with it! Anyway, the adjustments to make sure that games like L4D2 and Team Fortress 2 work with 3 monitors aren't found in the config files. Actually, all you have to do is go to steam, head to your game library, right click the valve game you want to play, then go to properties. From there, click the "SET LAUNCH OPTIONS..." button.

    From there, enter this in:

    -h yyyy -w xxxx

    yyyy=height resolution
    xxxx=width resolution

    So for me, I set it to -h 1050 -w 5040

    As a bonus, if you're tired of seeing the bald valve guy and the L4D2 intro movie, etc, you can enter this in:

    -h yyyy -w xxxx -novid

    I still have to figure out how to mess with the field of view in L4D2...it's a bit TOO stretched on the edges/the two side screens. The middle screen, of course, looks perfect.

    I'll keep tinkering with MW2 and do a little more research. But I thought I'd share the Valve solution for now.

    Out of curiosity, and this would be ridiculous, is it possible to play with 5 monitors horizontally with eyefinity? That would be like insane wrap around and would probably be wasteful...but it sounds like it could be cool!
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