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ok, i finally got the front panel wired right but now i turn on and screen says reboot and or selsect proper boot device or insert boot media. i'm new at this, but everything is new. i did get to bios 1 time and it recognised 2 devices but i don't have a floppy drive. i have a cd-rom, and a cd-writer and a micro type reader in place of floppy i only have 1 sata cable coming from reader. i have a ribbon for the rest of the drives. this is not a real high dollar computer thats why i started with a cheap computer to start with. however i still cannot get the drives to take my windows xp sp2. i don't know where to start looking for the problem. i only have 1 250gb hdd the board is a inteld915pbl with a cpu of 775 800fsb. i need somebody to tell me in laymans terms what to do. so what do i do about this boot device problem? i also have a question on here about rather or not i have to formatt this thing and how do i do it if i have too. i really,really need some help please and thank you so much if you can help. by the way i am knon as rodsupply. thanks.
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  1. Enter BIOS and selected the CD drive as a first boot device with your XP CD in start up and it should start windows installation.
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