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I've been eyeing the 5750 and the 5770 recently and pretty much about to make a purchase as early as today. I know there are several brands out there selling the same card, but overall how much does the brand make with the card? I know from experience that Gigabyte and Asus are great brands as I have two of their products and have no complaints over them, however reading reviews of both Gigabyte and Asus cards are few compared to the other brands out there such as Sapphire and XFX. So my question is now, does it really matter what brand to get? If so which one would be the best?

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  1. As long as there are no glaring deficiencies or problems, brand probably doesn't matter, especially on reference cards. You have a preference for Gigabyte and ASUS based on your experieince. I like sapphire (way back - they were the mfr of the ATi cards). Before you buy, check the reviews of the brand, make, and model you are considering, just to make sure there are no serious complaints or problems.
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    Hey :)
    Gigabyte and ASUS are great brands,other good brands would be Sapphire,HIS,XFX.
    Mostly the main difference is in the clock speeds(some brands make OC'd cards),warranty,coolings etc
  3. Thanks for the info. I figured the brand wouldn't matter too much.
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