Crackling sound

Hmmm....just installed a new Silverstone SFX power supply. been running it for a week. Using a mini itx with core i3 and GTX460

Everything running fine. Randomly today the PSU started making a very faint crackling/buzzing sound. Very odd! It didnt happen under load, the PC was in standby mode at the time. So no the mobo or any other parts, definately the PSU

Unplugged the back cable, unplugged the wall cable (its a 4 way extension) and still messing around.

Shut it down, left it for 30 minutes, moved the cables around. Now it is running fine

Somebody said this may not be the PSU, may be an "unstable" power supply in the house. But it has never happened before, now i'm a bit concerned

The sound has gone now, but what if I go to work with PC on standby and it fails blowing my whole rig this ok, or does it need to be RMA'd (bearing in mind no issues now, and could be the supply instead of the psu)

Incidentally, it only happened today.....when I installed my new 22" LED LCD. Running of a power pack plugged into the same extension lead

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  1. To be more specific. It is the type of crackling sound you normally hear if the power cable was loose (although in case it wasnt) where the PSU is getting an unstable supply

    But never had this issue before with a mains. And appears to have happened at random!?
  2. And the sound cable runs next to the power cable (use a seperate powered sounds system). The sound was being picked up by the sound cable and played on the speakers so a current was being induced.
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