Need a good, quiet GPU topping out at $180 CAD

I'm building a new system. Now primarily I do graphics editing and coding, but I do want to be able to play current and future games at decent settings. Which games I'm not sure of yet bc my system can't run anything remotely current right now, but I'm interested in Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, and Dragon Age.. mostly rpg type games and some RTS.
I want to make sure my system is pretty quiet as well, and I was looking at this but I'm getting a number of comments that it will get too hot playing games and/or the case fans would have to work overtime creating more noise.
What do you think on that?
If that card isn't a good buy, I'd be interested in something else a bit less expensive, ideally around $150 CAD.
I work at 2056x1152 right now and plan on getting another monitor at the same resolution at some point.
I want the GPU to be able to support 3 monitors some way, either 2 DVI + HDMI or preferably 2 DVI + DisplayPort + HDMI, I'm also concerned with noise, as mentioned. I don't know what to expect from noise on a GPU, I've heard they can be whiny but no idea which are worse/better than others (aside obviously from those without fans)
buying this hopefully this weekend (some sales end at the end of the month).. and it's going with this cpu/mobo.

I might even think of scaling far back on the GPU if that can help with the noise and power usage since I'm not a big gamer and the money might be better spent elsewhere.

The build in general is here
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  1. I would say no, silent cooler=passive cooler is not good if you want to gaming, the card can get hot easily...

    maybe this one:
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