Can't access external hard drive.

I have a relativly new external hdd from CnMemory. It was working perfectly fine up until a few days ago, I had been loading a lot od albums on to it and it was working fine at that point. I then wanted to add some more and when i attached the hdd a pop up came up from avg saying something about autorun and there being a virus i thought it was misreading something as a virus that was actually safe but apparantly not as it started to become sluggish whilst ripping the music and making the laptop sluggish also whenever it was connected. Now i cannot access it at all, the computer lets me know it is connected but it does not show up anywhere. It randomly appeared in my computer a few times but when i clicked it or right clicked it would freeze the system up. Is my hdd a lost cause?
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  1. Im not sure if i know what you are saying, but at this point you could go into avg and try to disable avg's control over your external harddrive so that you can bypass it and get into it. Also, if there is a virus, run a scanner and check it out, and if worst comes to worst, got to a local tech store and see if they can look at it for free. Hope ya get it fixed though!
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