Computer boots, shuts down, boots, shuts down

Im new to computers and recently built my first one. After about a month I decided I wanted to overclock my i7 920, and starting reading guides on how. I overclocked it to 3.6ghz at 1.20 vcore and ran prime95 for 5 hours. I thought it was stable, so I started playing my games. A week after I overclocked it, my computer randomly shut down on me and the bios screen gave me the error message saying overclocked failed, press f1 to load into bios or f2 to continue, or something like that. I figured okay, maybe ill just increase the vcore to 1.25. So I was able to play for a bit until it shut down again and gave me the same error. Not wanting to damage my computer I reset bios back to default and that worked fine for a day. Now my computer boots up, fan and lights turn on for about 2 seconds and then they shut off. It will keep turning on and shutting off by itself until I turn off the power supply. It doesnt post and I dont see anything on the monitor. Im able to get back on my computer if I pull out the motherboards battery for about 10 mins then put it back in, but I have to do it everytime I shut down, and it resets the bios. Any ideas?


intel core i7 920
asus p6x58d
corsair tx850w ps
corsair dominator 6gb DDR3 ram
Sapphire radeon hd 5870 vapor-x edition
noctua nh-u12p se2 cpu cooler
antec 900 two case
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  1. Well standard checklist

    1. Read sticky post on no boot.
    2. Make sure drivers and OS are legal and up to date.
    3. Make sure no malware/virus, etc.
    4. Prime 95 for 12 hrs not 5, min to test CPu stability.
    5. Memtest for 8 passes min to test RAM stability.
    6. Start swapping out parts. Either place current parts in a known to work PC, or put known to work parts into your current PC. PSU, RAM, GPU are easiest to swap. MOBO and CPU a bit more annoying.
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