Can't Access User Account Controls

Hi All

I am having troubl with changeing anything in my User Account Controls. Every time I try to access the tab I just get an error message saying that "Windows cannot find" followed by a long line of numbers. I am a little concerned as I noticed, according to Belarc Advisor, that I suddenly have a mysterious user on my windows called "UpdatusUser" and has apparently logged on 399 times!

Any Ideas??

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  1. Wow.

    Something is totally messed up there. Would a complete re-format be out of the question? If not...I would do that.
  2. Yeah thats what I thought but to be honest I have heard bad stories about people re-formatting theie PC's and then finding out that Microsoft then block the Windows install saying the copy is counterfeit, even though they have purchased it from PC World!
  3. Sounds like someone else has taken control of your computer.
    The lesser evil (by FAR) is doing a OS re-install to get rid of a serious security risk.

    You might need to contact MS so they can confirm you have a genuine license but they're pretty good and pretty fast at getting that done.
  4. Ok thanks for that I will call MS to varify. What a bummer I have so much stuff on here and nothing to back it all up on, oh well. But thanks for the advice
  5. You can save your stuff... do that before you go for the OS re-install.
  6. An external USB hard drive makes an excellent backup device and they're not very expensive.
  7. thanks again
  8. Let us know how you make out.
    And what, if anything, you find out about that malware infection.
  9. Ok will do, many thanks
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