New CPU cooling, cant boot.

After we installed a new CPU Cooler, all was pretty casual as we all done it before.
When we start it again, there is no signal and the monitor dont even look alive.
All fans are spinning, all light is green as everything works.
Then I also see the fan on GFX is working.

Its so wrong that I cant even get to BIOS or anything.

Any quick help is much appriciated!
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  1. Often when removing a heatsink you can accidentally dislodge the graphics card. Remove the graphics card and refit.
  2. It was not that, and checked the Manual, the speaker is giving a RAM error.
  3. Remove and refit the RAM one stick at a time. It is quite common when you do something like remove the heatsink or other large modification that you experience problems getting the computer to boot up again (at least for me it is) normally it is something simple like a dislodged card or memory or you forget to refit the 4 pin power connector etc.
  4. The worst case scenario is that you have crushed or chipped your processor when putting on the heatsink, but I thought that I would give you some encouragement first as more likely than not it is something simple.
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