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We have an Asus, Core 2 Motherboard. We attempted to install 4 different Wireles USB Adapters but the computer always indicated that they were not installed. We gave up on that attempted installing a wireless card. I tried 3 different slots on the motherboard but nothing works. We still get the same message saying that there is no adapter installed. We are about ready to toss the computer and get a Mac. Does anyone have an idea what could be going wrong or do you have a solution.
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  1. It would help if you knew the name/ brand of the mother board an it`s model number, and the type of interface the wireless card is using the two common ones are PCI and PCI-E x4 lane.
    And also please let us know what OS you are using on the computer.
  2. Hello. Thank you for replying. We are using an ASUS P5Q Motherboard, and utilized the PCI slot for the wireless card. We are currently running VISTA Ultimate which I believe is 32-bit. I hope this information helps!
  3. Make sure the BIOS does not have Quick Boot enabled. That setting tells the board to ignore new hardware at startup.
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