[CPU] AMD Phenom II 965 BE Too Hot??

I'm using an Antec 1200 Case, a Biostar TA890FXE Mobo, G.Skill DDR3 Ram, and currently have an Arctic Cooler 7 Rev. 2 with the fan pointed up to the top fan to blow out (since I can only choose up or down). So far, I've gone through two different types of thermal paste, got some no name crap off of Ebay, and then today got in some Arctic Silver 5....applied it and I'm idling low 36-40, but when I load up Mass Effect 2, the temps jump up to over 60....the max temp I've seen is 66. What's going on?? Should I pop back in the stock fan?? I know I applied the paste right, as I followed the directions for it on the AS5 site, and I've also reset the HS twice now as well. I checked all the fans on the case, and they're also setup the way they're supposed to be, and running on high.....I'm a little at a loss because I don't want to fry this thing....thanks for the help in advance.
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  1. What are your ambient temps?
  2. The motherboard is reading a between 29 and 31.
  3. Not system temps. The temperature of the air around you.
  4. Ah, it's 75 degrees in my apartment right now.
  5. That sounds within reason, especially considering your ambient temps. How much of your processor is being used while in Mass Effect 2? Also, are you O/C'ing it at all?
  6. I'm not OC'ing it at all, the loads vary....between 40-95% on some of the cores.
  7. Ambient temps play a part and CPU cooling works on the idea of rise over ambient temps = CPU coolers performance.

    But at 24C your ambient temps aren't high enough to skew the system operating temps a lot.
    Have you tested with the Antec case fans set to higher speeds?
    Did you do any testing with the stock cooler?
  8. The Antec case fans are maxed out man....

    And before I switched to the AC7 cooler, I was idling in the 40's sometimes high 40's....and that was with the stock thermal pad on the HS.
  9. What program are you using to read your system temps?
    Can you check the speed of the AC7 fan?
    If you need a utility program to do that try HWMonitor
    It can also double check to see your getting accurate temp reports.
  10. Antec 1200 has good case cooling - really shouldn't need to run them any higher than medium. And lots of people have good success running on low.
    Those top case fans are set on Exhaust (blowing out?), right?
  11. Yea, the top fan (one big boy fan) is set for exhaust, as well as the back two fans.

    I'm getting you a ss of the HWMonitor thing right now.

    Before I've been using CoreTemp, and Everest.
  12. Have you noticed how fast the CPU fan is running under load? While idle?
  13. Stupid photobucket....hold on.
  14. The CPU under load runs maxed out MHZ wise, and without load it drops to 800mhz. I tried putting the power settings in Win 7 to High Performance to push it to max mhz, and I still idle fairly low temperature wise.
  15. Max CPU Temp is that report is 34C.
  16. Hardware monitor ITE IT8721
    Voltage 0 12.28 Volts [0xF6] (+12V)
    Voltage 1 5.04 Volts [0xF0] (+5V)
    Voltage 2 1.00 Volts [0x53] (CPU VCORE)
    Voltage 3 1.69 Volts [0x8D] (VIN3)
    Voltage 4 1.18 Volts [0x62] (VIN4)
    Voltage 5 1.96 Volts [0x83] (+3.3V)
    Voltage 6 1.22 Volts [0x66] (VIN6)
    Voltage 7 1.64 Volts [0x89] (VIN7)
    Voltage 8 1.67 Volts [0x8B] (VIN8)
    Temperature 0 31°C (87°F) [0x1F] (CPU)
    Temperature 1 72°C (161°F) [0x48] (Mainboard)
    Temperature 2 30°C (86°F) [0x1E] (TMPIN2)
    Fan 0 1907 RPM [0x162] (CPU)
    Fan 1 1210 RPM [0x22E] (FANIN1)
    Fan PWM 0 99 pc [0x7F] (FANPWM0)
    Fan PWM 1 0 pc [0x0] (FANPWM1)
    Fan PWM 2 0 pc [0x0] (FANPWM2)
  17. Yea, that max temp is without me running anything.

    Watch this man.
  18. The Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro Rev 2 fan is rated at Fan Speed: 900 - 2500 RPM (controlled by PWM)
    And yours was running at 1907 @ idle!!!
  19. Ok, I'm running the game and I've already shot up to 48 max temp just from loading my game....and it just keeps rising till around 60 or so.
  20. Lol, see, the fan is running like crazy....so I have no idea why the temps are all over the place in this thing.
  21. So any ideas guys??
  22. What did you get on the full load run?
  23. Well, this time dude, I left ME2 running for like an hour, though I wasn't really playing, and left to go to IHOP with my gf and my neighbor, and I came back and max was 58 degrees....not really as bad, but then, I wasn't really playing it either, though the CPU's were of course running.

    The only thing I've done differently is I pulled the case away from the wall....it wasn't that close, but it sits underneath my desk, and the fan blows and hits the top of it while the back fans are about 4-6 inches away from the wall....could that have anything to do with it?
  24. My CPU fan is still running at the same RPM's though and maxed just a LITTLE higher, and still under 2k....I have the BIOS set to Performance and Auto so that it automatically kicks in when needed....so I don't understand why it's so high ALL the time.
  25. Kazahashi said:
    The only thing I've done differently is I pulled the case away from the wall....it wasn't that close, but it sits underneath my desk, and the fan blows and hits the top of it while the back fans are about 4-6 inches away from the wall....could that have anything to do with it?
    Little things like that CAN make a significant difference.
    Although it still looks like the AC Freezer 7 Pro isnt performing as well as it should be.

    It's time for a jiggle test (with the power off and everything cooled down of course) to check the cooler is securely attached.
    Look for any sign the cooler might not be sitting level/flat on the CPU. Check to make sure one edge isn't higher or anything like that, nothing in the way of it sitting flat.
    What is keeping you from running the cooler in the more typical position - blowing through the heatsink and out the back of the case.
  26. The Arctic Cooler 7's AMD capabilites make it so it has to be pointed either up, or down, instead of front to back (which is what it would be had I an Intel chipset), so it's either it points straight down and blows into my GPU, or it blows straight up and out of the case through the exhaust fan up there.

    I've checked that the cooler was firmly attached last night as well, and I'm still getting the same RPM's....another odd thing is HW Monitor is reading my mainboard temps as 70-75 degrees, which, unless I'm wrong, is ridiculous....everything else is running cool now however....so again I'm at a loss as to what the hell is going on.
  27. Nevermind, apparently it's a Windows monitoring problem. The temp reading on the actual motherboard is around 29-31 degrees.....weird.
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