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What Graphics card would be the best for this system,

I want to play games such as Fallout 3 and Oblivion, but looking at this computer that I have since 2004, my option are limited. I would love some expert advice on what to do. Money is limited, so i would like a resolution under $200. My original plans for this system is to upgrade its RAM by 2 GB, and upgrade my graphics card with this one,

If there are any experts out there that can help me make the right decision, I would greatly appreciate the help.
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  1. Well, it's not looking good.

    First, don't buy from best buy. Shop online at for better prices.
    Second, that video card isn't a gaming card
    Third, a more powerful video card will likely need a more powerful power supply

    Final thoughts: honestly, your system is too old to dump money into. DDR memory is two generations ago and it has a Pentium 4 Prescott CPU which is horribly outdated and blown away by the even cheapest processors out there now.

    I suggest you save up your money for a new computer. Sorry, it just would be a waste to upgrade IMO.
  2. I suppose if you really really wanted to upgrade, you could scour eBay for used RAM for about $50

    Get a decent power supply with healthy 12v amps like this Corsair 400W $50

    And spend $100 on the best video card you could buy like a 9800GT.

    I still do not recommend the upgrade. But it can be done. Your CPU would probably bottleneck the graphics card. But you could carry on the new video card and power supply to a new build if it doesn't work out for you.
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