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890fx 790x or 790fx?

From what I understand there is minimal difference between these chipsets aside from the PCIe slots sharing bandwidth, 890FX and 790FX both allow for 16x/16x while 790x only runs 8x/8x. Is this the only noticeable difference? Or is this not even a noticeable difference?

What is the major benefit of 890fx over 790fx since both allow 16x/16x?

My processor will be an AMD 6 core, have not settled on which one yet. (To fiddle with OC or not, but that's for another discussion.)
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    To start, x8 vs x16. Depending on the video card, x8 will cripple your video card by about 5%, so not much to worry about. I also wouldnt plan to get 2 video cards, its generally better to just get 1 more powerful one, and upgrade it. IE, instead of getting 2 5770s, get 1 5870, then upgrade to a 6870 or 7870. Basically, all that is saying people get a lot more worked up over x8 than they should, especially if you are only buying 1 card. Onto 890FX vs 790FX. They are very similar. 890FX natively supports the new 6 cores, whereas 790FX will likely need a BIOS update. 890FX also more natively supports USB 3.0 and SATA 6, such as most 8xx boards have those, where as most 7xx boards dont. Thats about it. However considering you are getting a 6 core, and the 8xx series costs $10 more than the 8xx series, id go with a good 8xx board. Although what system will you be using? You might want to go with a 870 board.
  3. Will be running Win7.

    So running a single card is typically as good? Well that makes the decision much simpler. A nicer single video card running 16x is one less thing to worry about than running 2@whatever else.

    Updating a bios is also simple enough so no major concern there.

    Thanks for the response. I will narrow my searches down to a 890FX chipset!

    Thanks again!
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