Storage (Second) hard drive won't detect unless I put it as first boot

Hello, this is really bothering me I just finished building my computer and I have two drives a WD 500gb HDD and a 160gb intel SSD I installed windows on the SSD and then detected the HDD and use that as a media drive but the problem is if I put my HDD as the boot drive option 1 it won't detect the second drive and the only way to detect the second drive is by actually putting the SSD (Second drive) as the boot option one... anyone has the same issue ever? im rly confused...
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  1. You're confusing me too!

    If the SSD is the drive with Windows installed on it, it should normally be set as the first boot device in the BIOS settings.
    Alternatively, it may be set as the second boot device, preceded by the CD drive, but then you must make sure there's no bootable media in the CD drive except as and when intended.

    The WD HDD should not be included in the boot device sequence at all if it doesn't contain an operating system.
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