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Need Advice with this ram


i want to buy this ram

but the thing is, its 1.65v and i read one post where its said that when going for ram get the one that is 1.5v

So should i go with it or search for for the one that is 1.5v

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    If you have a Sandy Bridge system you need 1.5-1.6v RAM. 1.65 is too high. If you have any other system 1.65v RAM will be fine.
  2. 1.65v is fine for Sandy Bridge but it's recommended you get 1.5v.

    Intel did this so that you can carry over the ram from your 1156 or 1366 system which required 1.65v ram.

    If your overclocking I would recommend against 1.65v ram though.
  3. Thanks guys
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