What motherboard for I7-930 arch. rendering workstation build?

Any thoughts as to what is a good motherboard to pair with the i7-930 for a cad workstation build? No need for multiple graphics cards/sli etc. Would like to overclock to stable 3.6-3.8 if possible. PC will be used for architectural rendering and cad work. thanks
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  1. GA x58 UD3R
    Asus P6x58D-E

    are the standard recommendations for x58 boards.
  2. What about the ASUS P6X58D Premium ?

    Its on sale today at newegg. Is the extra money worth it? Will I see any advantages over the standard board even though I will NOT be playing games on this PC?

  3. It's got better heatsinks whether that is neccesary is another question though.

    I think it also has more phase power and power/reset switches.

    As you can see the differences are minimal.

    If you do opt for a higher end mobo I prefer the ud5 it's cheaper and has a debug screen and lots of LEDs
  4. Premium may be easier/made to overclock.
    Also the Asus ROG Rampage II Gene if you want a smaller mobo for smaller pc case. I have this mobo with the i7-930 in my old HP MediaCenter case.
  5. If the standard heatsink/fan assembly has Intel's infamous push-pins,
    you can save some money on this cost-effective backing plate:


    Looks like it does:


    Research history is here:


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