Using ssd with vista to boot from

hi so basically im a bit of a noob when it comes to this sort of thing but here goes

i have a old laptop running vista that has died i think a motherboard issue but im not really bothered as i have a new laptop.
and i have a pretty old dell optiplex small form factor pc with like 512mb of ram running xp.

so what i would like to do is use the OS from the laptop on the dell.

is this possible???
what do i need????

any help would be highly appreciated
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  1. It is possible, but it wouldn't be legal unless you put a retail copy of Vista on that laptop. The OEM license doesn't allow for re-using on other machines.
  2. oh ok then thank you for the reply
  3. You're welcome.

    Also, I recommend against running Vista on a system that has 512MB of RAM. Vista should be given at least 1GB to work properly and I recommend at least 2GB for it to work properly without performance issues from a lack of RAM capacity.
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