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I think this might be a interesting thing to some people keep in mind I do not have my cpu or anything overclocked on my computer but every time I run unigine heaven benchmark with Catalyst 10.4 and 10.5 my cpu reads as a different clock speed each time I run it. My CPU is running at stock default 3207mhz and I am not overclocking it at all but here look at this. I also notice this happens with unigine tropics and GTA4 benchmark as well anybody have any thoughts to why this happens. keep in mind too this is just one of many pc's I have and yes this pc does have the problems with grey screen and black screen crashes as well as display driver stoped responding.

Heaven Benchmark v2.0
FPS: 26.7
Scores: 672
Min FPS: 8.2
Max FPS: 66.0

Binary: Windows 32bit Visual C++ 1500 Release Mar 7 2010
Operating system: Windows 7 (build 7600) 64bit
CPU model: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6400+ -5249MHz MMX+ 3DNow!+ SSE SSE2 SSE3 HTT
CPU flags: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6400+ -5249MHz MMX+ 3DNow!+ SSE SSE2 SSE3 HTT
GPU model: ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series 8.723.5.0 CrossFireX 1024Mb

Render: direct3d11
Mode: 1920x1080 8xAA fullscreen
Shaders: high
Textures: high
Filter: trilinear
Anisotropy: 16x
Occlusion: enabled
Refraction: enabled
Volumetric: enabled
Replication: disabled
Tessellation: extreme

Unigine Corp. © 2005-2010

this is just one of many examples of ATI's poor drivers I do have other benchmark results with same system but different cpu clock speeds every time I do run the benchmarks and it does not really matter which one I run. just keep in mind I do not over clock anything on my computer and my cpu clock speed is set at default clock speed which is 3207mhz. I am starting to think this might be the reason why GSOD grey screen crashes and BSOD black screen crashes happen as well as display drivers stopped responding because if ATI Catalyst is randomly overclocking or under clocking the cpu what would happen?
Like what would happen if Catalyst drivers were over clocking or under clocking the FSB on your CPU randomly what would happen?
I notice in all the forums that I have been reading and no one has mention this at all but I did some tests and I can tell you some of the computers I have looked at that are getting GSOD and BSOD and display drivers stoped responding this is happening and it is the CPU clock speeds that are so rondom if you try this let the benchmark run then save your results and then quit the benchmark go back to your desktop and wait till the cards drops down into idle speed and then run the benchmark again and do this 5-6 times and you will see what I am talking about. I think ATI is having memory controller issues and what I mean by this is the ATi HD5**** series cards memory controller is conficting with the memory controller for system memory and some times the video cards memory controller is over riding the system memory controller and is trying to make the system memory in the computer run at the same speed the video memory is running which then in turn over clocks or under clocks your system memory and the FSB and your CPU Which causes the grey screen of death (GSOD) or black screen of death (BSOD) or video display drivers stoped responding problems and I think that is why a bios update for the cards are needed but who knows if ATI will do that. Thats also why ATI turned memory clock speeds to full speed on Catalyst 10.5 and this is also why the GSOD or BSOD or video display drivers stoped responding happen so rondomly and everybody is having different issues with it, because everybody's hardware is different so some people are not effected by it but other people can not even boot there computers and some people have GSOD and some people have BSOD and lots of people are having display driver stoped responding. This is what I think but I could be wrong. or am I right? my Video cards are 2 Sapphire HD5870 1G DDR5 game edition in crossfire and I do build and fix computers and I have been for 19 years. I have fixed my GSOD and BSOD and no longer have my display driver stop responding by taking and rewriting my Bios and Catalyst drivers a bit for my HD5870's that run in crossfire I also fix a few other things and now I can say I love my video cards nice hardware but shitty drivers and bios and I was sick of waiting for ATI/AMD to fix it so I fix it my self. SSHHHH do not tell AMD/ATI and sorry no I can not tell you how to rewrite the Bios and drivers and no I can not give my version of the bios and drivers to anyone because I do not need a law suit on my hands. But if you know how to program and write code the secret lies with the memory controller and if you read what I put on here and you understand computer hardware like I do you could fix it your self thats all I can say. Just to let you know this is just what I think so if you read this then you can think what ever you want to think wether it is fact or fiction this is just my thoughts and my solution to my problem and I just thought I would share this with everybody out there, food for thought as some people would say. I do not work for anybody I am unemployed right now and have a lot of free time on my hands. LMAO
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