New Pc

I Brought a new pc about 1 month ago.

Mother board : Gigabyte GA-P55-USB-3
Processor : Intel Core i5 750
RAM : 2GB DDR-3 Transcend (1333)
Monitor : Samsung P2250 Lavender (21.5'')
HDD : Samsung 500 GB
DVD-R/RW : Samsung
Case : Delux MG-496 (Original 450W Delux PSU)
Sound Card : Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE Sound card - 96 kHz - 24-bit

My question is
Q1) Is my sound card perform is better then a mobo sound system ?

I had Ati Radeon 4650 HD GPU & i allready sell it.
Now i want buy a good Gaming perform GPU . It's Aboute $130 to $140.

Q2) Which GPU is appropriate for my Pc.

Can anyone help me , Please ????????
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  1. Well, if you have money to spend, you might want to do so on 2 more gigs of RAM, only 2 gigs of RAM will severaly cripple a modern system. On topic though, the sound card technically sounds better than whats on the mobo, but this also depends on the mobo, if you can tell the difference, and if your speakers are good enough to not "bottleneck" the sound card. That psu isnt terribly good, and with your budget, the best you can do CURRENTLY is the 5770:

    However, if you wait a little bit, Nvidia will be releasing the 450, 455, 440, and what ever they call them. The 450 seems to be a little cheaper than the 5770, approximatly 140-150, consume less at idle (my guess, since its downclocked so severly) and the performance seems to be on par or maybe +5%. So waiting for that might be the better choice.
  2. ^+1 4gbs would be ideal.
    5770 or GTX 460 are your best bet.
    I personally prefer soundcards over onboard.
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