Nvidia gt 220 review

Hi people!

I can use some of your advice to build my own system as m bit confused with technology.
Basically I want a powerful pc used for games and multimedia + rendering 3d Max models.( I am not hardcore gamer but yeah I do play a lot of high end games)

Am planning to buy Intel i5 750 with Intel DP55WG motherboard.
plus 4 GB 1333 ddr3 transcend ram modules(2x4) and nvidia GT 220 graphics card.
500 GB seagate sata hdd.

My concern is should i go with i5 750 as the processor? it does not support HT and m not sure if it is required..

Also should I go with nvidia GT 220 or some other card based on the above config?

Thanks for any help :)
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  1. Hyper threading is useless when it comes to games.. But a software like 3DS Max can make good use of it.. So get the i7 860 if you can.. Otherwise make an AMD build with 1055T which will be good with games and will perform better at 3DS Max as compared to the i5 750.. The GT220 is a weak gaming card.. Get a HD 5770 instead.. Also, for RAM, i'd recommend Kingston..
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