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I got a Asus P8z77-V premium mobo on its way. So I'll have SATA, PCI 3.0 and USB3.0 available for hookups. I'm looking for a recommendation an internal dual CF card reader. Thanks for your help!
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  1. any one that uses usb 3.0 will work

    here's a good one

    that one is USB2.0 card reader, one sec... ill find another

    did you want a 3.5" version or a 5.25" version?

    here's one -
  2. I'm looking for a 5.25 version. I'm just not that familiar with a lot of the brands. I've been looking at something like this.
  3. yeah bud... that's the one I gave you the link for...


    you could also try this -
    it would be quite a project to make a faceplate for them to fit in a 5.25" bay - that would be the fastest option avialable and make full use of the speed of the CF card
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