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Larger monitor and fps in games...

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
December 29, 2002 3:20:49 AM

Ave all

I'm planning on an upgrade and am looking to get a 19" flatscreen CRT monitor... however, one of my friends has just told me that it will lower my fps in games because the graphics card has to work harder to fill the larger screen...

This is the first I've heard of such a thing, and it doesn't sound right to me... though I have little in-depth knowledge of computer hardware.

Please enlighten me one way or the other.

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December 29, 2002 4:41:14 PM

Your friend assumes you'll run the game at a larger resolution. Thus, lower fps. What is your current res- if 1024x768, the game will look fine on a 19"

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- Mario Andretti
December 29, 2002 7:23:09 PM

you can find the benchmarks for your video card and find out what your fps will be at a higher res

one day, intel'ers will see the errors of there ways...
December 29, 2002 10:11:42 PM

That's what I thought - I assumed he was getting resolution and size mixed up.

No matter


I'm the captain.
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