Hello, question about overall temps/fans

Currently as I type this my processor heat fluctuates between 45degrees and 51 degrees Celsius.

I have my intel duo overclocked and just recently moved my computer to a, i guess one would say less ventilated place and was wondering what temp ranges would be viable without worrying about anything.

Also i did install a sensor obviously and it came with a fan thingamjig that tells your fans rpms etc...

One of these sensors said that i had 4 fans... only two running at 100% while the other two were slacking at 20-30%..is that a problem?

Some other sensors only pick up one fan.. just trying to troubleshoot and see where my computer needs room to improve.

I look forward to any and all help as i appreciate it =)
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  1. Just a quick update did some stress test with 100% pc load on both cores, and i idled around 63-64c
  2. What actual CPU are you talking about? 'intel duo' is way too vague a description.
  3. the readings i am looking at on this temp gauge says intel 2 core duo e6600 (conroe)

    Sorry i did not mean to be vauge..my computer knowledge isnt that vast
  4. No problem. C2D E6600 and 65C on a full stress test load is a bit high, but not critical. What are the local temps there in your computer room?
    What are your idle temps like? Shut down and wait 10 mins, the boot up and measure the temps when windows finishes loading.
    What are your normal load temps? Like when you're playing your favorite game?
  5. okay just did what you said.

    Temp in my room is 70degrees Fahrenheit
    Booted up with just windows and it sat around 42c
    58~c with Starcraft 2 on ultra ect..
  6. I think I used a bad example. You're still using the stock CPU cooler that came with your E6600?

    58~c with Starcraft 2 on ultra is a bit high, but not so high to stop from playing.
  7. So...lol am i good? =D
  8. I would assume i am, yes.

    so what should i do?
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