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Hi all,

My Antec 300 case is pretty much a turbine at the moment.

In terms of fans I have the two stock fans (set to the lowest speed), an Arctic Freezer 7 pro rev 2 and an OCZ stealthstream 500W.

After disconnecting the two stock fans the noise reduces somewhat but it still creates a reasonable amount of noise. The CPU fan is running at 1366RPM (cool and quiet and Q-Fan enabled) but does not get any louder as the RPM increases.

Obviously this would suggest it is the CPU fan however I can't help but suspect that it could be down to the amount of vibration that the case seems to cause.

Are any of these components renowned for being notoriously loud? What is the best way to reduce vibration in this case?

It is sitting on a wooden base on my desk and the noise does increase when placed on it, compared to the carpet but it shouldn't be this noisey.

It's probably me being overly 'anal' about the whole thing but it's a new build and it would be nice if it could run as silently as my Dell Inspiron (purchased 2 months prior to this build).

Any ideas / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. What about your Power Supply? Is it the source of noise and vibration?

    I have an Antec 300, with ALL fan: 2-front (in), 1-side (in), 1-back (out), 1-top (out). It sits on the hardwood floor, and "chills" my legs! :lol: Yeah, it's not silent, but it is cool, temp wise.
  2. Don't get me wrong, from a cooling perspective it's great!

    The PSU seems the most silent fan however in terms of vibration i'm not to sure. The top of the case vibrates when the top fan is running but not when it's inactive.

    The back of the case is always 'shudder free' whether I have the case fans running or not.

    What's the best way to check if the PSU is vibrating, avoiding drastically hurting ones self of course!
  3. Sounds like a bad top fan, they shouldn't vibrate. Maybe it's loose. Check the mounting screws.

    You can touch the PSU while the system is running, it's grounded. And you're right, it's probably the quietest fan.
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