Is this Diamond 5850 still a reference PCB?

Earlier this week I ordered a Diamond 5850 and the picture on TigerDirect (Circuit City) was of a reference cooled 5850. However, I received this in the mail which looks a lot like the PowerColor design. Yet, the PCB is still red like the reference 5850's so I'm wondering if only the cooler has changed? Actually, I'm hoping only the cooler has changed so I can use voltage control ;)

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  1. Very odd. The reference 5850 has the fan at the end, whereas this one, along with the quad copper-heatpipes, does align with the Powercolor brand.


  2. I was afraid of that. The picture on Tiger Direct is of a reference 5850 as well as on the Diamond website when you google 5850PE51G. That's a bummer. Oh well, at least it will cool much better than reference but I guess I will see how much if any I can overclock the card. Since it has no voltage control and I can't flash the 5870 bios I will be praying for over 800mhz.
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