How can I lower my cpu fan speed?

I've already tried to in BIOS and had no luck with Fanspeed either. What else can I do to lower it? It's running at 3400prm right now and it's annoyingly loud. My cpu is at 40C if that helps.
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  1. It sounds like its working too hard tying to keep that CPU @ 40C.

    You're only option maybe using a better, after market CPU cooler.

    It looks like you've tried everything else.
  2. If your idle CPU temperature is 40C, then I would recommend upgrading to a better cooler, especially if the fan is working so hard to keep it that cool. My Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus keeps my FX-6350 at around 28C idle and I can barely even hear the fan unless I put my face right up against the case vents. Lowering the fan speeds in the BIOS should do the trick, but honestly, it might be a bad idea to do that, it could cause overheating. Are you on a desktop or a laptop?
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