Is It Possible to Enable SLI without a SLI motherboard?


This is my first post so sorry if i have posted this in the wrong place or anything like that.

I have a small problem and i was hoping u guys could help me with it.

I am using a J&W 790GX EXTREME motherboard which is Crossfire and i managed to get 2x 9800GTX's working on it with hacked drivers or w/e and i was wondering how to enable SLI without the nvidia control panel if its possible because i dont have a little box to tick to enable SLI, also i am not using a SLI bridge because the one i was going to use is not long enough.

So basically im wondering how to enable SLI without the control panel on a Crossfire motherboard.

Thanks :D
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  1. If your motherboard doesn't support crossfire, I don't think it's going to work.

    Found something interesting;

    Try at your own risk. Remember 2x 9800GTX = 1x HD5850.
  2. My motherboard supports crossfire, but its the 2 9800GTX's i want in SLI, just played around a bit and managed to get the SLI connector connected to both of them, and got the computer recognizing both of them, just cant get them to actually SLI because the little box isnt in the Nvidia control panel

  3. Ok, soz for double post but,

    Managed to get it working i think so anyway, Shadow man u are awesome ty,

    just about to try it out with crysis.

    Thanks again
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