MSI takeover of ECS a good idea?

In 2010 shipments, both MSI and ECS were surpassed in shipments by ASRock, bumping MSI to #4 and ECS to #5. So, perhaps as a possible idea, MSI could consider a takeover of ECS. Particularly, ECS has struggled with brand image ever since their merger with PCChips, despite the fact that their quality has improved ever since. While MSI doesn't have the great brand image that Asus or Gigabyte has, they tend to fare a little better than ECS. Therefore, I think an MSI takeover of ECS would perhaps be a good idea.
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  1. It could be a good idea but I'm not sure it would happen or even make a difference.

    Just because ECS & MSI is ONE, it wouldn't make me go.. "HEY, I'm going to buy them now". It is going to take them producing a better (or at least perceived better) product than ASUS or Gigabyte. This is what ASRock has done, with the help of their association with ASUS. They have found their market and built on it. They haven't tried to be what they aren't at the highend level with ASUS and Gigabyte.
  2. Very True Tecmo.

    Unfortunately, it would take more than simple merger + some change.

    Motherboard Quality is in the ERA that there is not much you can improve on, to honestly tell the differences between motherboards is getting harder and harder because there is only SO MUCH you can fine tune.. than its all about the chipset/ Technology from its origin... Intel/ AMD. And They all have been making motherboards for a long time.

    While Asus/ GB/ EV and other top brand sell branding for higher price since they have pretty much builted it.

    ECS MSI Asrock Bio Suffer and take a hit on pricing and try to make a real brand..

    interesting.. but.. well..

    I say forget the brand and look at the reviews than decide.. which is what MOST of people do.. while some blindly follows brand anyhow.
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