Require Dell PC total budget ~$1500

Hii Everyone,

I have a budget of approximately $1500 and need to buy a dell PC. I know that I can get a better PC if I build it myself, but in this case, I have to buy a Dell PC since I am buying it for work. I dont expect to have graphics intensive work, but might require significant number crunching. So I was wondering if you had any suggestions on what Dell PC and what configuration should I buy.
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  1. After reading about the recent lapses in Dells quality I'd actually recommend an iBuypower or CyberpowerPC over a Dell.

    Both of which will offer you a good CPU for number crunching as well as a decent gaming config. If gaming truly isn't in your future and you insist on Dell just look atan i7-930 build on Dell. Thats about all you'd need for CPU intensive work.
  2. basically you're just looking for an i7 with about 6gb of RAM. 1500 will get you alot if you're not looking for a gaming computer.
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