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I plan to purchase a mac book pro in a couple of months. I have several questions before I consider buying one.

1. We have 4 computers in the house and 2 gaming consoles (wii and ps3) that connects to my dlink router. All four computers use MS Windows (XP/Vista/7). If I purchase a macbook pro would it work with my current router (dlink dir-655)?

2. Is the aiport extreme also a router? Does this work on Apple only? How about windows based computers ang gaming consoles? If I can bypass this and just connect my mac book pro to my router than I would definitely consider buying one.
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  1. 1) Yes Mac will work with regular router -- though you may find yourself confused by different terminology used by networking equipment makers and by Apple.

    2) The Airport Extreme is a router -- it'll work well with Apple stuff but I've heard of problems making it work with PCs.
  2. thanks boss. As for the airport extreme. I have no plans of purchasing one since I would only one mac that would go online.
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