[New Build] First Time build, gaming, max $1000 USD

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: As soon as I get the build, I'd like to have the parts before the 16th of July. My budget is capped at $1000 USD



PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS:, I live in the United States (Florida)

PARTS PREFERENCES: I am a Intel and NVIDIA GeForce fan, but I really don't know the difference between Intel/AMD or GeForce/Radeon, so I guess it depends on the price and recommendations

OVERCLOCKING: Not concerned with that right now, maybe in the future

MONITOR RESOLUTION: whatever is recommended

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I want to build a gaming system but I don't plan on doing incredibly crazy stuff, I'd like to play the new Star Wars MMO coming out at a decent performance rating and the occasional FPS. I also have no preference on what it looks like, just that it works efficiently.

I have never built my own computer before, my mom always bought pre-built and I would always upgrade them, but now I have the time and the go ahead to build it from scratch. I just got out of initial training for the Air Force so I've been out of the loop for over 6 months. I have no idea what any of the new tech is, or what the terminology is, I have been reading the stickies in this section but I wanted to post this while I'm reading.

I know that this is a crazy request, but could someone just give me a list of all the parts I'd need with the URL, price, why recommended, etc... that when put together would work without having to do too much BIOS fidgeting. I know how to put it together, just not how the compatibility between the CPU and mobo and all that stuff works. If this is too much then I understand if the post is removed or whatever, but you can take it as a cool challenge I guess! Thanks for your help everyone!
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    ^ For your budget range and requirements, IMO the AMD + ATI would better suit...
    Here is a build...
    X4 945 + HD 5830

    ASUS 890GX + OCZ Mod 700W

    Corsair DDR3 4GB + NZXT M59

    Samsung F3 500GB


    ASUS LCD 1080p

    WIN 7 HP

    Total - ~$980 | ~$935 Including rebates not including any shipping or taxes...also no keyboard and mice, but you should get a decent set for about $20 though...

    And if you wont be adding 1 more graphics card later on in Crossfire and will stick with 1 power card, then
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  3. things have changed, the 5830 is a bad buy now with the gtx 460. may i recommend a newer build?
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