High SMART Values - Seagate Says It's Normal

I had purchased a HDD from seagate and it had read failures in the millions within a week of use. I called in to get it RMA'd, the tech told me it was normal with seagate drive and to ignore the SMART numbers. I insisted on a replacement and I just got it today. I installed the HDD and currently have 48472 read errors, 550 write errors, 15938623635456 head flying hours??

The read errors is steady but If I begin a copy from one of my other TB drives the write errors increase at a rate of about 1 per 2 seconds. The "head flying hours" increases at ridiculous speeds.

So IS this actually normal? Should I just ignore the smart as seagate suggested. This seems pretty ridiculous.
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  1. sounds like a "Certified Like New Replacement". It broke for someone else, they thought they fixed it and sent it to you. (common practice unfortunately.)

    What are you using to gather the SMART info? The data could be totally bogus.
  2. @xGhost4000x, the raw values of the Read Error Rate attribute are sector counts, not error counts. Ditto for the Seek Error Rate.

    See http://www.users.on.net/~fzabkar/HDD/Seagate_SER_RRER_HEC.html

    In fact, I recently discovered that SandForce SF-2000 SSDs have very similar error rate attributes:

    As for the Head Flying Hours, the raw value is best viewed in hexadecimal mode:

    15938623635456 = 0xe7f00000000

    I believe that the actual number of flying hours is stored in the lower 32-bits (= 4 bytes). In your case this value is zero (= 0x00000000).
  3. OK, I know this topic is rather old, but here my 2 cents:

    Head Flying Hours 40858023897390 => TO HEX: 0x2529 0000 292E
    lowest 4 bytes 0x292E = 10.541 power on hours (as seen below)
    highest 4 bytes 0x2529 = ??? (milliseconds maybe? the number goes up and down without changing hours, maybe is in a binary two's complement or doesn't have any relation with time)

    and about Total LBAs r/w... seem to be exactly that.


    Información de SMART para Disco 1


    Modelo: ST2000DM001-1CH164
    Número de serie: Z1E5716J
    Firmware: CC27

    Atributo SMART

    Tiempo de giro 0
    Contador de inicio/parada 32
    Contador de sectores recolocados 0
    Horas de encendido 10541 (POWER ON HOURS)
    Contador de reintento de giro 0
    Contador de reinicio 32
    Runtime Bad Block 1
    End-to-End Error 0
    Reported Uncorrect 0
    Command Timeout 0
    High Fly Writes 3
    Airflow Temperature Cel 41
    G-Sense Error Rate 0
    Contador de retracción de apagado 20
    Contador de ciclo de carga 32
    Temperatura en grados Celsius 41
    Sector actualmente pendiente 0
    No corregibles sin conexión 0
    Contador de error CRC de UDMA 0
    Head Flying Hours 40858023897390
    Total LBAs Written 93750333994
    Total LBAs Read 69405426987

    Contador de errores ATA 0
  4. ISTR that in the old Seagate forum there was a thread where it was determined that the uppermost bits of the Head Flying Hours did in fact represent the time in seconds. However the raw values are actually 56 bits long rather than 48 bits, so you would need a SMART tool that reports all 56 bits in order to see the complete seconds count.
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