Would crosssfire do better or worse

so i have a hd 2400 and a hd 4850 both support crossfire but my question is would this raise performance or reduce?
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  1. ohh cool thnx!!!!!!!
  2. If you already have a HD4850 then grab another one and CF them...
    You just can't CF two different family of card, like Timop said above...
  3. i see.. but then insted of buying another hd 4000 should i just go to the hd 5000 and get a good one ? and so the sandy bridge is going to go out and i heard that PCIe 3.0 is gonna come out with the new board for it, and that PCIe 3.0 is helllaaaa faster and that graphics cards are going to take a hell of a jump in performance ! so what do u think ?
  4. ohh cool..
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