How should i apply artic mx-3 paste?

Hi guys,

Building my PC and i am wondering how i should apply my arctic mx-3 paste. I have a i5 - 760 and a Cooler master hyper 212 plus. I've heard of putting a small amount on top of the cpu then placing the heatsink down but in the instructions for the hyper 212 plus it says to put some paste on the bottom of the heatsink. Should i put a small dot on the cpu AND some on the heatsink?
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  1. thanks!
  2. Zipzoom, people come here for help. Is your post helpful? If you actually read his post, you'd know he did read the directions. If he wants a second opinion to make sure he's doing it right, why not just be helpful and assist him. You act as if you're still in high school.

    Like CT said, either way works. Just make sure you don't over due it and it spills over onto the board.
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