SSD or HDD what do I put on each

OK .. new PC built
I have a 128GB SSD and 2 x 1TB HDD

The intent was to limit the SDD to have only the OS on it (W7 64bit) and have all programs & my own data out on the HDD.

Now read that in fact I should put all my frequently used Programs on the SSD as well to use the fast boot time ....

What is the best approach.
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  1. That's correct, you want your most used programs on your ssd and less used programs on your HDD. I usually put all of my programs that I use on my SSD and a few games that I play the most on my SSD, but it depends on how much space you're limited to. You want to leave a little space on your SSD or else it starts to slow down. You don't need to put all of your steam games on one drive either. You can have some steam games on the ssd and others on the HDD. I use mklink to do that. You can look it up, you basically just use mklink in a command prompt to make a "shortcut" folder where the games are and that links them to the HDD.
  2. plug up only the SSD and install windows. add the HDD's and use them for storage of files. almost any modern program will look to install on the c: dont sweat it.
  3. As above users say. Windows on the SSD for sure.

    Disable Hibernate if you do not use it and reduce the page file size if if have lots of memory. Turning off system restore is your choice.

    Install all your favorite apps/games(or at least what you want to be faster) on the SSD for speed. Install things you do not use or do not need speed on the hard drive.

    When you install a program most will let you select the other drive if needed.

    I highly recommend moving your documents and other personal files to the hard drive. Those files generally do NOT need the extra speed.
  4. OK ... first off I don't play games ... so that is not an issue.

    I had read on a few forums that keep OS only on a HDD (and nowSDD) was a good way forward as if OS needs install you can quickly apply Ghost image and be back running quickly.
    Should I look to partition the SSD and keep OS only in one partition and frequently used program on the other partition.

    My main use is photoshop editing & video editing .. and general email, & MS office apps
  5. Partitions have no effect on SSD performance.

    If you want to keep ghost images, Keep then on the hard drive.

    With that size of SSD you should have no issues with Windows and your Photoshop.

    Keeping the images on the hard drive should be ok because once you load then, they will be in memory.
  6. On the SSD put the OS and whatever Programs you use most. Then Music, pics, and vids on the HDD.
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