Can i run a mobo with no cpu?

Hey there,

For university I had to design a piece of furniture to hold a computer component, so my design has a 200mm and a 120mm fan in it.

Now I don't want to take my whole PC in because i don't want to risk breaking it, so i am asking whether or not i could take my power supply out, connect it to a old motherboard and connect the fans to the powersupply?

Would the motherboard break if no CPU was installed? would this be a safe thing to do
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  1. If your supposed to show a working computer, it won't boot. The fans will spin and any lights will glow, but thats it. No CPU for the old board?
  2. awesome, all I want to do is show the fans running thats it. I do have a old CPU/ram and heatsink but i wanted to move as little around as possible. How would I boot the mobo if it has no start button on it?
  3. Setup a momentary contact switch on the two pins on the mobo. (or short the wire on the ATX bundle. Its the green one I think, pin 14) If you go the switch route, you need the normally off one.
  4. I got some spare wire, i jusst gotta connect the circuit up yeh?
  5. You can. You run the risk of turning off the computer when the bare wire touches the case, or worse starting a fire if something combustible gets between the two. The switch isn't much, a couple of bucks at most at radio shack.
  6. For a few dollars more, get a power switch extension cable:

    and cut the male end of and wire the switch to the end of the cable. That way, you do not need to solder wires to the motherboard.

    At your local Rat Shack, ask for a normally open, momentary contact, single pole, push button switch. Last time I bought one (been a few years), a package of two was about $3.00.
  7. Hey man!!!
    All what you need is the fans to spin, right? then connect them directly to the power supply.
  8. I had the presentation last week tuesday, went really well!!!

    all I did was connect the mobo and PSU up (not cpu/ram or anything like that) and then got a wire and just created the circuit where the two little metal teeth come out to start the PC.

    to wwih90 - you need the PSU connected to the mobo to start it up.

    here is what my project looks like:
  9. Actually, you don't.

    You can turn on the PSU by completely disconnecting the PSU and using a paperclip or jumper wire to short the green wire to one of the neighboring black wires.
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