Triple Channel Memory in Dual Channel MOBO?

I have 12gb (6 x 2GB) of Corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600MHz Triple Channel RAM from my old Core i7 920 build, and I am upgrading to a 2600k and a sabertooth motherboard. I am curious if i can use 4 sticks of this in my new setup. My friend told me they won't work because 1. they are triple channel and 2. they run at 1.65 volts. Will there be any performance hindrance when I install these new sticks of ram, as opposed to just buying a 2 x 4GB set of G.Skill ripjaws?
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    They will work and be dual-channel just like any kit advertised as dual-channel.

    The only reason that memory you have is triple-channel is that it's sold in packs of three or six sticks. The memory itself isn't any different from a dual-channel kit.
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