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Hey guys,

I'll be receiving my computer tomorrow, and as it's my first desktop in almost 6-7 years, I was wondering what sort of things I should look for. Anything I should get rid of/download once I first boot it? Should I change any settings? Should I look for certain updates and whatnot? Basically just a checklist of things I should go through when I first boot up my new PC. It's a dell xps 7100. Thanks everyone!
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  1. It probably comes with norton of mcaffee preinstalled. Kill that off and replace it with the free AV of your choice, i used to use AVG but have switched to avast since it seems to be quite a bit lighter. Since its a prebuilt you dont need to go through and update drivers or anything, but you will probably need to let it restart a few times to get all the windows updates installed.
  2. What's wrong with mcaffee?
  3. They always give you a 90 day free trial, unless you feel like paying a significant amount of the AV protection you can get for free i would suggest getting rid of it because neither one of them tends to play nicely once you install another AV. They tend to charge you $40 per year while stuff like Panda, AVG, and Avast give you the same protection level for free for personal computers, they charge corporate users instead.
  4. Hmm, that's actually kind of lame. With my dell I got 15 months free of mcafee protection. Should I still get rid of it?
  5. Hmm actually on that note, I should get an anti-spyware program too should I not? Any good ones out there?
  6. Wow that significantly better than most, you can hang onto it for a little while then, i just get annoyed at 90 day free trials very quickly on day 91.

    I use Ad-Aware, im sure that there are other better ones out there, but i havent gotten anything significant for years, between AVG and Ad-aware they always picked it up.
  7. Free Anti-Virus programs I'd recommend:

    AVG Free -
    Avast Antivir -
    Trendmicro Housecall (online) -

    Free Anti-Spyware programs I'd recommend:

    Ad-Aware -
    Spybot: Search and Destroy -
    Malwarebytes -

    -Wolf sends
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