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I have been looking to build a system of my own for a while,
at first I was going for a pre-built system but then i realized how much more you can get for your money making your own system, anyways, i picked out several parts that I would like to use to build my own computer and am struggling to figure out if they are all compatable with each other

Please help!

This is a budget system by the way
I am also a little confused if this systme will include audio or not

Any suggestions on audio or in general are welcome!
( My freind will help me put the computer together, who is very knowlegable about computers)

Motherboard/ CPU combo :

OS/ Case combo:
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  1. I like all your picks except the rosewill which gets a hell NO! Its got passive PFC and only provides at best 31A on the 12V rail which is pitiful, the corsair 400CX provides 30 for less after rebate. Get yourself a good 500-550W unit like the seasonic S12II 520W.

    You picked one of the Gskill RAM kits that needs more than 1.5V, higher voltage means lower quality ICs, the Gskill ECO series is a bit more expensive, slightly faster and significantly lower voltage at 1.35V

    Everything else looks good. Your build will have audio, there is an audio chipset on the motherboard that will do fine for the speakers you are getting.

    What monitor resolution do you plan to use? If you are going to be using a higher resolution monitor you might want something stronger than the GTS250.
  2. Agreed with Hunter about the RAM and power supply. Your motherboard onboard sound is sufficient for almost anyone.

    I'd HIGHLY recomend spendin extra money for an ATI 5770 over the GTS250. It is well worth it. Although that is a heck of a deal for a GTS 250
  3. Thank you

    I am still currently deciding on the monitor I would like to use,
    If you guys had a suggestion that would be great!
    I am also considering the Powercolor hd 5750 on newegg. It goes for around 110$, Is there much of a difference between the GTS 250 and the the hd 5750?
    (Im also keeping the 5770 suggestion in the back of my mind)
  4. PS- Im not missing an cords am i? :)
  5. In an ideal world you would want a 1920 x 1080 monitor as it means you wont need to upgrade it unless one day it breaks. The downside to this is that it takes a more powerful card to run games well.

    What is your actual budget? With that we may be able to put together the best for your money
  6. Well, with monitor I would like it to cost around 750$, Right now the build costs about 630$, so that leaves around 120$ for the monitor
  7. @hunter315

    I also looked at your corsair 400CX suggestion, it only provides 400Ws and i think that it would be a bit too low, if there is another suggestion w/higerh wattage that would be great
  8. It will provide more power than that rosewill you were looking at, corsair units are conservatively rated at 50C, rather than 25C like cheaper units. The S12II 520W is the one i would suggest for your build.
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