Dedicated PhysX card with 5870?

So I have a GTS 250 in my system now and am thinking about getting a 5870. Would it be worth it to leave the GTS 250 in a x4 slot as a dedicated PhysX card?

Right now I'm playing CoD4, WoW, Mass Effect, and BFBC2 but I will be picking up lots of other games soon. So the thought is to do this and not have to worry about compatibility issues down the road (since the 5870 is a pretty big investment).

I've tried searching around google and Toms but just ran into a lot of fanboys. So if anyone can give me some good info or a good link on how this works and what the benefits are I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!
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    It's not really worth it since the only game that I can think of that uses the advantages of PhysX is Batman, Arkham Asylum. The games your playing don't need PhysX, and your 5870 can handle them no problem. (There's not really any point getting above 60+ fps in a game cause after that, you don't notice any increase.)
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