Should I upgrade from my E6600 LGA775?

I recently upgraded my video card to a MSI Cyclone 460GTX 1gb. It got me thinking about upgrading my cpu. I am currently using an E6600 running at 3.2ghz on a Gigabyte P35 mobo. It seems to handle everything I throw at it but I was wondering if I should upgrade to a newer quad core cpu. I mainly use my PC for gaming.
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  1. if you are happy with the frame rates no don't do it.
    A quad would speed things up considerably

    199 for the Q9400

    213 for the 9300 @ newegg

    honestly the seem pretty expensive to me

    but damn this looks still a bit pricey but would be your best move if you wanted to stay 775
  2. An E6600 @ 3.2 should handle games fine,unless you play at a low resolution or you play CPU limited games(like WIC and some RTS games)
  3. +1 on not upgrading if it runs every thing fine. If your games are CPU bound, you are probably better off getting a AM2+ board with AM3 support + a Athlon II X4, this way you won't have to upgrade the RAM to DDR3, which should save you ~$100 over upgrading all three.
  4. ^ Agreed. As long as what the OP has works fine for what he's doing, there is no real need to upgrade.
  5. Thanks for all the replys. I am thinking I will just keep what I have for now.

    I want to build a SLI rig next. I would have to get a new mobo, cpu and power supply to do that. If I am going to buy all three I mine as well build a new rig. I can always sell this one or give it to a family member.
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