No drives were found (after partitioning) Need help

So I just finished building my first computer and set up the BIOS as various reputable tutorials said to do so, and now I'm trying to install Windows 7. I got to the part where you can partition the hard drive, my hard did show up with its size info, and after I partitioned it to the max size (as the new egg tutorial suggested) the hard drive disappeared from the list. So now I can't move on. There is text, below the blank area where the hdd is supposed to be listed, that says "No drivers were found. Click Load Driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation." I understand this is a common problem if the HDD wasn't already detected, but it obviously was.

Possibly useful info:

Motherboard is a Gigabyte 78LMT-S2P. Hard drive is Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1 TB 7200RPM SATA 6Gb/s (title on I have 8GB of DDR3 RAM and the graphics card is an ATI Radeon 6870. Is any more info needed?

What I want to know is what I should do, or what you think I should do to fix this.

Thanks, your help will be greatly appreciated under all this frustration.
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  1. One unfortunate possibility is that the hard drive is faulty. Let's try a few things to rule out other issues. Can you try the drive in another SATA port? Even attach it to another computer to see if it appears (go into the device manager, or disk management). There are also utilities to test the hard drive, which you may try if the drive shows up on another machine.

    If it comes down to it, return the drive for a replacement.
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