Hd 5770 with 6G RAM or 4G RAM

What a different between 6G RAM n 4G RAM.?

If i use 6G RAM can all my pc performance and gaming be fast then 4G RAM..?
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  1. It's suggested that you get 4gb of ram, but 6gb of ram will also help, but not too much. 6GB is "suggested" by most people to be the most amount of ram you'll need for gaming for a while. But if I had the choice definitely get the 6gb it'll be more future proof.
  2. you will see no difference in gaming from 4GB to 6GB, in fact 3GB is often the most any current game needs.

    From Tom's recent x435 and i7 test "Because the Core i7-920 utilizes triple-channel memory, we use three 1GB sticks for a total of 3GB of RAM. The dual-channel AMD platform will use two 2GB sticks for a total of 4GB. From our experience, the single gigabyte of RAM difference should have no effect on gaming performance",2619-4.html
  3. Ok.. i have 2 more slot free for RAM. Maybe i will upgrade to 6G by your suggestion.

    If more RAM can max my performance then i will grab another RAM. Cause i use AMD Phenom, so i really curious about speed.. :-)
  4. I think 4GB is just enough...
    What mode? dual channels or triple channels?
  5. dual channels i think... is it different between dual and triple for performance.?
  6. what kind of memory is yours? ddr2 or ddr3?
    If yours is ddr2 then running on dual channels (2x2GB) mode is good.
    If you has ddr3 then running it with 3 sticks of RAM (i.e 3x2GB).
    On games, you won't see any different, anyway 4GB is enough. :)
  7. ^+1
    You are right, timop...
  8. well i use Amd Phenomx4 955... So 4G RAM are enough for me right...?
  9. Ok.. are suggest me to upgrade to 8G RAM or just use 4G RAM for my Amd Phenomx4..?
  10. So you wanna say that i should upgrade to 8G RAM right.????

    Correct me if i misunderstanding..... :-)
  11. Argh...
    4 GB is just enough, no need, i repeat myself, no need upgrade to 8 GB... :)
    but, if you are insist, then go on, grab another 4 GB...
  12. Hehehe... Releaks wa1. :-)

    I am asking Psychosaydie, cause his statement make me kind of confuse......
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    Psycho is saying that more than 8GB doesn't make any difference for him, He may not be using his PC for the same things your using yours for.

    He didn't say, upgrade to 8GB of RAM.

    You will get no benefit from adding more RAM to your PC as your PC doesn't use all 4GB you have now. It would just be a waste of money.

    I use my PC mostly for gaming and I only have 3GB of RAM but its still enough.
  14. When master has talking i must obey...Hehe

    Thank omgitzfatal for your advice... :-)
  15. :lol: No problem.
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