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My Gigabyte EP45-ud3p have 2 onboard lan slot. Since yesterday i was using the second onboard lan slot in the mobo, and its work fine. And today,when i on the pc and i cant connect to internet. I realize that green and yellow light in the second onboard lan slot do not blink. Further more the icon of local area connection show NETWORK CABLE UNPLUGGED. When I check the device manager of the 2 network adapter realtek RTL8186C ,its stated work properly. So I try to switch the lan wire to the first onboard lan slot and can connect to internet. Is hardware problem or software problem?
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  1. It sounds like a software problem. What OS and did you download and install the latest drivers from Realtek?
  2. I'm using vista 64 and I just install the latest driver from realtek,still its shows NETWORK CABLE UNPLUGGED.
  3. Carefully check your cable connectors or try a different cable.
  4. i have tried with different cable,but its not help. need to check what in the cable connector.
  5. Does the cable test OK in the SMART LAN1 and/or SMART LAN2 diagnostics (Integrated Peripherals in the BIOS)?
  6. Sometimes the newest drivers don't work.

    Try rolling back the drivers to the old one that worked before. I have the same board and the NIC drivers are very tricky to work with.

    Stay with the ones that work until is stops, then you can try to install new ones to solve the problem.
  7. I also have a system with that motherboard and it works really well. I run Windows Server 2008 and a bunch of VMs on it and I never lost network connectivity.
  8. GhislainG and soundefx, thank you so much for your kind reply and I really appreciate it. Today I send my pc to the shop I bought it to claim warranty. When the technician plug Lan wire into the problem lan slot, its work perfectly. And he also tried to connect internet Wifi using his USB Wifi adapter. So he install the USB wifi software in my pc. After the software was install in my pc, the technician unable to find the Wifi program that he was install. He say its software problem that may caused by spyware or virus. So he advice me to format the pc. Tomorrow I will save all my media files and try to format my pc.
  9. Ok. Hopefully everything will work out. A good anti virus program is avast. Try that with the fresh install to prevent any viruses.
  10. after reformat my pc, still I can't use the problematic lan slot.
  11. Then you should RMA the motherboard.
  12. GhislainG, how to RMA the mobo?
  13. Contact support at Gigabyte.
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