New computer - need opionions -

Hey, well i was offered to make a new computer.

My current system:
Windows 7 x64
3 gigs of ram
E8400 Intel 3.0
Gts 250 512mb

See im not sure if i want to go with alien ware right away or build my very own pc. Either way its going to cost alot.
I know what i want for the alien ware.:

Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English
Cosmic Black, Alienware Area-51 Chassis
Intel® Core™ i7 930 Quad Core Processor (2.8GHz, 8MB Cache)
1 Year Basic Service Plan
Dual 1.5GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 480 - SLI Enabled
6GB DDR3 1333MHz (3x 2GB) Tri Channel Memory
640GB - SATA-II, 3Gb/s, 7,200RPM, 16MB Cache HDD
Single Drive: 24X CD/DVD burner (DVD+/-RW) w/double layer write capability
Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio
No Monitor
Alienware Multi-Media Keyboard
Alienware Optical Mouse, MG100
1525 PCIe WLAN card with 11n mini-Card & external antenna

For a home built system i have no idea. Would it be better for me to home build or just buy?
If home build can you help me out on a good system?
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    We can do a hell of a lot better than that alienware for a hell of a lot less. Im not even sure how that manages to clear 2k, let alone 3k.

    i7 930 and ASUS P6X58D-E Motherboard combo $495

    G.SKILL PI Series 6GB (3 x 2GB) DDR3 1600MHz CL7 $170

    HAF X/Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit combo $290

    XFX 750W PSU/XFX 5870 $580 - $20 MIR

    Samsung F3 1TB $75

    Plextor DVD Drive $40

    Thermaltake Frio $60

    Comes out to 1710 before shipping or mail in rebate, and has room for crossfire upgrade in the future.

    Mouse, keyboard, and wireless card are up to you. It will perform quite well in most titles(except stuff like metro which really likes nvidia), if you need better performance you can stick another 5870 in and still be 1k less than that alienware system.
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  3. Wow... This right there shows me that i can totally beat Alien ware's out rages prices. I'm not a ATI fan but i'll see whats out there. I may take some consideration on using some of the pieces you have supplied me such as the mother bored combo.

  4. The board also supports SLI, but if you want to SLI 2 GTX480s i suggest you move up to the 850W unit from XFX, its slightly more but the 480s draw quite a bit more power than the 5870s.

    ASUS GTX480 $480
    XFX 850W PSU $150-$20 MIR

    That would raise the build price by $50 which actually isnt too bad for a better PSU and a stronger card, you can throw in a second in SLI and have some pretty kick ass performance and the HAF X will handle the heat just fine.
  5. Once again, thanks. I'm all for the GTX 480. I recently just got crysis and i love it. Not just the graphics but the game play. So im just getting ready for crysis 2.
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