SATA 1 vs. SATA 2 Compatibility Issue?


I'm trying to transfer all my documents etc from my old HD (Maxtor) onto my new computer's HD (WD) but when I connect my old HD to the new system it won't work right - meaning the new system boots up but it won't let me click on anything. So, I disconnected that old HD from my new system and re-booted & it worked fine.

My old HD is from 2007 & is sata 1.5 g/ps and the newer HD is a sata 2 from 2010. Not sure if there's a compatibility issue or what? How can I get this to work just so I can transfer all my data? All I'm trying to do is put all my data onto the newer HD for the newer system. I'm giving the older computer to the kid.

My mobo: MSI 790FX-GD70
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  1. There shouldn't be a problem.

    Are you certain that you're booting to your NEW hard drive? Just verifying.

    What do you mean by "can't click on anything"?
    Do you mean you can't access the OLD hard drive, or is everything basically FROZEN in Windows completely.

    I know you say you're booting to the NEW drive, but it really sounds like you're actually booting to the OLD drive. If so:
    1) Install the old drive
    2) boot into the BIOS
    3) change the BOOT ORDER so the NEW drive is first

    If this doesn't solve anything then you might try booting to UBUNTU. Just BURN a CD and then boot to it with your old drive hooked up. Then see if you can access the files on the old drive.

    If you see both drives (old and new) you should be able to COPY files over from old to new (I think).
  2. Yeah, I didn't think there'd be an issue either - I just did this same thing with our other brand new computer and didn't have an issue.

    Yeah, it's booting to the proper HD and my desktop shows up just fine like there's no issue but, I can't click on anything with the mouse even though I can move the mouse just fine. When I move the mouse to the bottom bar I notice the tiny circle indicating the computer is "doing something" but, it never stops and if I try to click "re-start" - as soon as the mouse touches the start button the mouse locks up & I can't even move the mouse at all. I then have to shut down manually. It's weird. I've re-booted about 6 times now and it's always the same thing.

    I'm using Windows 7 Pro OS.

    I've got the new HD in primary position for boot order and ROM as 2nd and I chose "no" to disable it from trying to boot to anything else.

    Now, I've been using sata ports 7 for the newer HD and 8 for the old - cause they're easier for me to get to. I hope it doesn't matter which sata ports I use?
  3. if you put only the old maxtor drive in could you acces it
  4. Okay, I figured it out. It turns out that it matters which sata ports you use on this mobo. I just happened to use the sata ports for raid, which were 7 & 8. After I switched sata ports all was fine. Lesson learned.
  5. the system work that is the best
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