Pciex16_1 slot not working but pciex16_2 is

New Build:

Asus p7p55d-e pro
i5 760
8gb Gskill ddr3 ram
1 tb sata6 seagate
Asus dvdrw
GeForce gtx 550 ti

Board worked fine after build. 3 hours later PSU failed. Returned it.
Now my gtx 550 ti wont post on the first pci-e slot, PCIEX16_1, but it will in PCIEX16_2 slot.
Everything else works just fine. I reset cmos, than flashed bios and nothing. Still no post on pciex16_1 slot
Any Ideas?
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  1. bad mobo maybe?
  2. Well, I think I answered my own question.
    "The board features two PCI-E 16x slots (will degrade to 8x for dual-GPU), three PCI-E 1x and also two legacy PCI slots, one of which will likely be wiped out if a second GPU is installed. To the right of the absolute bottom PCI-E 1x slot is the PLX chip in all its glory. This chip essentially creates a secondary PCI-E Gen 2.0 16x lane in order to provide additional bandwidth to both S-ATA and USB 3.0. This is the reason that the native PCI-E 16x is left alone." --http://techgage.com/article/asus_p7p55d-e_pro

    Could this be why my first pcie-x16 stopped working and not the other? Bad controller on the mobo? I am not an expert in computers so any incite would be appreciated.
  3. Chances are that the power supply failure damaged your mother board....
    This is why you don't go cheap on power supplies...Corsair, PCPower&Cooling,seasonic are good supplies.
    You should send the board back and get it replaced...
  4. Okay so bad mobo. By the way, the PSU is a corsair. I guess even good brands go bad.
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